Culp Piano – Thank You!

Culp Piano Company in Montgomery, AL - Reynolds Thomas tuning a piano

Culp Piano & Organ Co.

Normandale Shopping Center

“Pictured above is Reynolds Thomas, Piano Technician for Culp Piano & Organ Company.

Reynolds has been associated with Culps for seven years and does servicing for Culps anywhere in Alabama a piano is sold.

In addition Reynolds tunes for several colleges, Universities, Churches & Concert Artists in Montgomery and Alabama. Be assured of the very finest in your Piano Tuning with Reynolds Thomas.”

Culp Piano Ad in Montgomery Alabama - when Culps was located in Normandale
He was a good-looking man! What happened?

The photograph and text content (above) is from an original clipping out of a print newspaper article published circa 1965 in the Montgomery Advertiser. (click thumbnail image for full-size view)

We colorized his shirt and slacks so you can find him.

Before starting his own business, Thomas Piano Service, Reynolds got his start tuning for Montgomery-area Piano Stores like Culps.

Reynolds often speaks of his early days in Montgomery and how appreciative he is for people like Laurice Culp, owner of Culp Piano & Organ, who so graciously helped him get started in his career as a Piano Technician.

Other times, he rambles on incoherently about a fish he once caught that was bigger than a grand piano. Just kidding! It wasn’t that large. 🙂

At the time this photo ad was published, Culp Piano Company was located in the Normandale Shopping Center off Norman Bridge Rd, one of Montgomery’s favorite destinations and hangouts at the time.

Trivia Time!

So, what do Lawrence Welk and Reynolds Thomas have in common?

Nothing, really.

Other than they’re both mentioned in this blog post.

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Laurice Culp & Culp Piano

Culp Piano's Normandale Shopping Center location in Montgomery, Alabama
Culp Piano’s former location at Normandale Shopping Center in Montgomery, Alabama

We think Culp’s former storefront was located inside the yellow bubble above. Let us know if we got it wrong! Click here » for current Google maps view.

Laurice Culp is owner of Culp Piano & Organ Company.

The following excerpt is from an article about Ms. Culp titled “Women in Business; Laurice Culp”.

It was originally published in 2011 by the Montgomery Advertiser, a local newspaper in the Montgomery River Region.

“Famous bandleader Lawrence Welk once visited her Normandale store, and the Welk team was known to come to the Capital City during sales Culp held to help customers pick out the right piano to fill their needs.

While she is proud of several decades of sales awards and success, Culp is quick to help pastors and church music directors shopping in her store for musical equipment.” ~ Link to article excerpt »

Article Title: Women in Business; Laurice Culp
Publisher: Montgomery Advertiser – Montgomery, Ala.
Subjects: Piano
Author: Sullivan, Paul W
Date: Feb 27, 2011

Thomas Piano Service is still going and growing strong. Reynolds and his son, Joey Thomas, are available to tune, repair, or move your piano wherever it is or needs to be.

They also sell refurbished pianos!

Give Thomas Piano Service a call for a free quote, or stop by and check out our selection of pre-owned pianos.