Thomas Piano Service offers a competitive Piano Tuning price in Montgomery, Alabama and surrounding areas. Our Piano Tuning Services are available in Central and South Alabama.

Piano Tuning Price

Basic Tuning: $100.00¹

Basic Tuning details:

  • Price is for one (1) piano.
  • Price applies to Upright and Grand Pianos.
  • Duration of tuning is approximately 1-hour.
  • Price includes minor mechanical adjustments.
  • More extensive repairs may incur an additional cost and will be discussed with customer prior to performing any work outside the scope of our Basic Tuning.
  • Piano tuning requests requiring extensive travel, made with short notice, or involving after-hours service may incur an additional cost.

Quantity Discounts

Organizations with a large number of pianos may be eligible for a “quantity discount”. Contact Thomas Piano Service for details.

Payment Policy

  • Full payment of Price for Piano Tuning is expected at time of service.
  • We only accept personal checks for payment of services.

Preparing for your Next Tuning

Prior to our arrival, there are several things you can do that will help ensure we perform our Piano Tuning service in a timely and efficient manner:

  • Remove all items from the top of your piano
  • Check keytops to ensure they are clear of debris and reasonably clean
  • Remove breakables from tables adjacent to piano
  • Make sure there is sufficient working space around the piano
  • Please provide our piano tuner with a bench or chair
  • For their protection, please make arrangements for your pets so that they are comfortable and cannot access the work area around your piano due to heavy piano parts. Also, strange sounds emitted from a piano tuning in-process may be very disturbing for your pet.
  • Please ensure there is suitable lighting.
  • Help us monitor the area for excessive noise or interruptions, as this will impede our ability to properly tune your piano.
  • For buildings normally vacant (like churches), please make sure the work area(s) is sufficiently warm or cool, as the need arises.
  • Please have your payment ready at completion of tuning.

Not all of these tips will apply to everyone, but we appreciate your cooperation!


¹ Thomas Piano Service reserves the right to change or adjust our policies, discounted offers, or price for a Basic Tuning at any time and without prior notice. Please contact Thomas Piano Service if you have any questions about our fees or fee-related policies.