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Thomas Piano Service offers Piano Tuning in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our Piano Tuning services are also available throughout the Montgomery River Region and Central and South Alabama. We offer one of the lowest Piano Tuning Prices in our region.

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Piano Tuning in Montgomery, Alabama

Need A Piano Tuner?

A healthy, happy piano is a piano that’s kept in tune.

Tuned at the standard musical pitch of A440Opens link in new window (icon) (just in case you were wondering).

When was the last time your piano was tuned? Why does it matter?

If you’re not sure, it may be time to call a Piano Tuner!

“Definition of a piano tuner: A person employed to come into the home, rearrange the furniture, and annoy the cat.”

Most Piano Tuners recommend, at a very minimum, having your piano tuned once-a-year. (And more often than that in many cases.)

There are many factors that contribute to a piano losing its tune, including:

  • The frequency with which you “tickle the ivories”
  • Characteristics and peculiarities of your piano like age, condition and brand
  • Atmospheric conditions like temperature and humidity

Piano Strings in Montgomery AL

Piano Strings

Are your Piano Strings stressed?

They’d better be!

Piano strings have a high “tensile strength”, meaning they are made with materials that can withstand being stretched tightly.

This enables piano wire to endure the heavy demands placed upon them, but there are limitations. Even if you never touch your keyboard, piano strings will eventually relax, or lose tension, over time and go “out-of-tune”.

The rate and amount of stretching observed in a piano string varies with every piano.

Generally speaking, frequent playing, “hard” playing and changes in humidity and temperature all contribute to the need for more frequent Piano Tuning.

If too much time elapses between Piano Tuning services, the loss of tension in the strings can become too great and require two tunings to correct the problem. In other words, your piano may need to be tuned twice in order to bring it back to pitch.

Maintaining a steady tension in your piano’s strings will increase its lifetime and help retain its overall sound quality.

“Why do pianos get so many headaches? Because their strings are under so much tension.”

Piano Regulation

During a piano tuning session, we’re not only concerned with the quality of sound.

Our Piano Technician will also evaluate its “touch”, or how it responds while being played. It is often necessary to “regulate”, or adjust, the mechanics of your piano.

Piano Regulation can include adjustments ranging from twisting a tiny screw to sanding down a wood surface.

Regulation helps ensure a more uniform responsiveness, greatly contributing to the pleasure and enjoyment of playing your piano.

If it turns out your piano needs more extensive repairs, we can handle that, too.

Contact Thomas Piano Service and let’s schedule an appointment for your next Piano Tuning.

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