Thomas Piano Service offers Piano Moving in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our Piano Moving Services are also available throughout the Montgomery River Region and Central and South Alabama.

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Piano Movers in Montgomery, AL
Pianos are heavy, yet delicate, musical instruments.

We Do The Heavy Lifting

Moving a piano isn’t a simple DIY project.

Do you remember seeing the fate of many a mishandled piano in cartoons, funny commercials and corny movies? No one wants to see their piano end up a mangled heap of steel strings, wood splinters and scrap metal iron.

While that’s not likely to happen in the real world, your piano can be damaged in ways not visible to the eye if moved improperly.

Thomas Piano Service can delicately manhandle heavy Upright Pianos and skillfully maneuver awkwardly shaped Grand Pianos, no matter the size or destination.

If you need your piano moved, just tell us when and where, and we’ll take care of “how”.

What do you get when you drop a piano on an army base?
A flat major.

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Moving a Grand Piano in Montgomery, AL
♪ “We Like BIG GRANDS and We Cannot Lie!” ♬

Whistle While You Work?

Piano Movers need to know more than how to “carry a tune”.

You need a professional Piano Mover to relocate your piano safely and efficiently. This requires experience with and knowledge about MOVING A PIANO! It’s not the same as other moving projects.

We carefully inspect and secure the interior parts of your piano, remove the legs when necessary and cover exposed parts with furniture/moving blankets.

We also have equipment specifically designed for Piano Moving, including a custom designed and manufactured Piano Moving Trailer.

We take every precaution to prevent damage not only to your piano, but the floors, stairs, walls and other structures we need to slide across, maneuver around, or squeeze through.

Prior to the move, we will ask the questions regular Moving Services don’t know to ask, for example:

  • Are there any vertical or horizontal clearance issues?
  • Are there any sharp angles? (maneuvering around corners)
  • Does the move involve stairs?
  • How many steps?
  • What are the steps made of?
  • Are the steps carpeted?

It’s not only what we do DURING the move, but the care and attention provided BEFORE and AFTER relocating your piano.

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Piano Delivery in Montgomery, AL

Piano Delivery and Setup

Once we reach your destination, we reassemble, inspect and even tune the piano when appropriate.

We can even help you choose the best location and positioning for your piano in its new home.

For example, we notice the “little” things that can affect the appearance and health of your piano:

  • Are you too close to a fireplace? The heat can weaken delicate internal glue.
  • Is the room too humid? This can contribute to long term wood damage.
  • Is there a nearby window? Be aware that the angle and intensity of the afternoon sunlight can cause a bleaching effect on your piano’s finish.

Thomas Piano Service will deliver your piano on schedule, fully-tuned and ready to perform!

Self storage units with climate control
It’s important to choose a climate control storage unit when storing your piano!

About Piano Storage

Other than providing temporary storage at our shop while performing piano restoration or furniture refinishing services, we don’t have the facilities to offer long-term piano storage.

However, Thomas Piano Storage understands the importance of properly storing your valuable musical instrument.

Pianos are NOT just another piece of furniture! They are sensitive instruments and can quickly deteriorate under extreme or changing climatic conditions.

If you choose to store your piano, whether it be for an extended or temporary period, it’s essential to lease a storage unit from a facility offering both temperature and humidity control.

If you’re in search of a “family owned and operated” (we like that part) storage business, consider renting a controlled climate unit from Gunter Self Storage, a self-storage facility located next to Gunter AFB.

And when you need someone to move your piano to or from your unit, you know who to call!

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