Why Hire A Professional Piano Mover?

Professional Piano Movers in Montgomery, AL

A Moving Experience

Even after 50 years of providing Piano Services, we are still moved by both the sound and elegance of the piano.

But what really matters is that YOUR piano can be moved (safely and efficiently) by Thomas Piano Service.

We are Professional Piano Movers in Montgomery, Alabama, providing services in the Montgomery River Region and Central and South Alabama.

Moving Is Stressful

Whether it’s down the street, across town, or out-of-state, relocating your household goods and furniture to a new residence is a stressful event.

This is especially true if you’ve ever attempted a do-it-yourself move.

If you round up enough family members and friends, and borrow a couple of trucks, you might pull it off.

But there’s one piece of furniture that nearly always causes one to regret choosing the DIY moving option.

It’s called a pianoforte.

If you’re a musical instrument connoisseur or collector, you’ll recognize this Italian term.

Most people prefer the more common and shortened name… Piano.

Don’t try this at home! (30 sec. video)

Piano Movers & Shakers

Hopefully, there’s more moving and less shaking.

Even with the best of intentions, using all the determination you can muster and all the muscle you can borrow, most aspiring piano movers fail, and sometimes fail miserably.

Many pianos are seriously damaged during a self-moving project. Even worse, inexperienced piano movers run the real risk of injuring themselves or others.

Quite often, novice piano movers greatly underestimate the weight of these instruments and quickly give up.

Fortunately, most DIY piano moves end only a few feet from where they began.

Traditional Moving & Storage Services

Many people mistakenly believe any Moving Service, or Moving & Storage Company, is capable of moving a piano.

There are several characteristics of a piano that make it uniquely difficult to relocate, including:

  • They are heavy
  • They are awkwardly shaped
  • They are surprisingly delicate
  • They are expensive to replace

While “traditional” movers might have the manpower and equipment needed to transport your piano from point A to point B, it doesn’t mean they can do so safely and efficiently. An ethical and responsible mover completes their removal and delivery service without damaging the cargo OR the floors, stairs and walls they encounter in-transit.

Being capable of moving bulky, heavy “traditional” furniture does not automatically qualify one to be a Piano Mover.

Piano Delivery in Montgomery, AL
Image Credit: By Kiwi in a bag (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Piano Moving Expertise

Moving a piano requires proper training, experience, planning, execution and equipment specifically designed for the task.

It also helps if the mover has experience as, or is assisted by, a Piano Technician with specialized knowledge of all the moving parts inside a piano. A moving company with this level of expertise typically moves pianos exclusively.

Often, there are parts of a piano that should be removed or disassembled prior to a move. An example would be the legs and pedals on a grand piano. This makes the piano much easier to manage and significantly lessens the possibility of damage to piano components.

Proper Piano Moving Equipment typically includes:

  • Dollies
  • Piano skids
  • Moving straps
  • Padding
  • Moving blankets
  • Ramps
  • Moving truck or trailer

A Piano Moving Service, or a moving service whose specialty is piano moving, knows what to do when they encounter tight spaces, steep stairways and sharp corners.

What to Expect

When hiring a qualified Piano Moving Company, you can expect the arrival of at least 2 movers for smaller pianos, and 3 or more for larger pianos, especially grand pianos.

Typically, the customer’s property is inspected prior to the move so that logistical issues can be addressed and resolved.

Qualified Piano Movers have years of experience relocating pianos without harming the musical instrument, the owner’s property or themselves. They will employ specialized techniques to maneuver your piano in and out of building structures.

Once your piano is properly loaded into a Moving Truck or Trailer, it will be secured with straps to minimize shifting and covered with additional moving blankets and padding to avoid scratches or other damage to its exterior.

Far too often, when a piano is moved by someone other than a Professional Piano Moving Service, it is done so with inadequate equipment, a lack of knowledge about Piano Moving Techniques and a disregard for proper safety precautions.

Unfortunately, there are many instances when pianos are badly damaged, even by otherwise qualified moving services.

You’ve probably invested a lot of money in your piano, including the original purchase price and the cost of ongoing maintenance. And if you’re like many owners, you simply cannot put a price on the sentimental and/or historical value associated with your piano.

No Overruns, No Hits, No Errors

Don’t cut corners when it’s time to move your piano.

Hire a Piano Moving Specialist you can trust.

Thomas Piano Service has been moving pianos for over 50 years. You tell us when and where, we’ll take care of “how”.

Contact us for a preliminary cost estimate and to schedule your next piano move.

Piano Movement Humor

Q: What’s messy and sits on a piano bench?
A: Beethoven’s First Movement.

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  1. I once (attempted) to help a friend move a piano she had donated to a local Montgomery church. We made it as only as far as the front door of her house. She called the church and they sent an army of men to take over. They only moved as far as the front yard. Finally, they called a piano moving company, and with the right equipment, they made the move look very easy, which for then it was because they what they were doing and they had the right equipment. We learned our lesson. When you have a piano that needs to be moved, call a PRO!

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