Beckmann Piano Magazine Ad

Beckmann Pianos Classified Advertisement

This is a scanned image of an advertisement for Beckmann Pianos, originally published in a 1907 edition of “Modern Priscilla” magazine.

Beckmann Piano Company was located in Chicago, Illinois. We couldn’t find much information about them but we thought the ad was interesting, especially the claim that Beckmann Pianos’ price was so low that:

“…the piano situation in this country will be relieved and simplified to a vast degree”.

Modern Priscilla magazine was first published in 1887:

“The Modern Priscilla was published monthly as a sixteen-page quarto that was devoted to needlework and everyday housekeeping. The magazine’s title joined the Victorian concept of the “spinner” Priscilla Mullins and the 1920s modern woman.” ~ Source  ~ University of West Florida

Variations of the Beckmann Pianos ad can be found in other publications like Popular Mechanics and McClure’s Magazine during the same timeframe.

(Note: We digitized the text and replicated the layout and formatting of the original ad as closely as possible. ~ TPS)

Text content from the ad begins below the horizontal line.


We will Ship a Beckmann Piano to Your Home on FREE TRIAL no matter where you live. A world-famous piano in every home on easy monthly payments without the dealer’s profits.

Don’t make a move in piano buying until you have read and analyzed this great offer and received a copy of our handsome free piano catalogue.

Beckmann PianoThis celebrated Beckmann Piano, price $175.00
Terms: $15 cash with order, $8 monthly until paid. Send $15 today and we will ship this piano at once on 30 days free trial.

Your choice of quarter-sawed oak, figured mahogany or figured walnut woods. (image caption)

The excessive profits paid to piano dealers are an unjust taxation on the buying public and we have formulated a plan of selling the celebrated BECKMANN pianos at such a low price and on such easy terms that the piano situation in this country will be relieved and simplified to a vast degree. The beautiful tone qualities of the BECKMANN have of course given it unrivaled standing in musical circles everywhere and in order to demonstrate and convince you of the vast superiority of the celebrated BECKMANN, we will ship you one of these Pianos on free trial.

THE PRICE OF THE BECKMANN HERE ILLUSTRATED IS $175.00 and the terms $15.00 cash with the order and $8.00 monthly. Our price of $175.00 bears no middleman’s profit and the piano comes to you at the exact cost of manufacture with but one small percentage of profit added. The piano here illustrated and which we offer for $175.00 would cost you $275.00 or more if sold to you by any dealer in America and we absolutely guarantee to save you at least $100.00 on this piano. To convince you of this fact we will ship the instrument to you on receipt of the required first payment of $15.00 and if you do not find it by all odds the most beautiful and richest appearing piano you have ever heard or seen, or if after using it for 30 days you are for any reason dissatisfied, simply ship it back to us at our expense and we will refund your first payment of $15.00, together with all transportation charges which you have paid. This will end the transaction without the cost of a penny to you. If on the other hand after using it for 30 full days and comparing it with any other pianos which may be offered to you, you like it and our claims have been justified in every detail, if it is all and more than we have led you to believe and expect, if it charms you in tone, appearance, finish, workmanship and durability, if it satisfies you more than any piano at twice its price, then keep it and send us the sum of $8.00 per month until you have paid the total of $175.00.

SEND FOR OUR FREE PIANO CATALOGUE TODAY. Our latest piano catalogue illustrates three other styles of BECKMANN pianos as well as our MYERHOFF piano which sells for $145.00. If the style of the piano here illustrated is not exactly what you desire, or if you wish to learn more about the BECKMANN pianos, be sure and write for this free catalogue today. Simply drop us a postal saying, “Send me your free piano catalogue,” and it will be sent to you at once. On the other hand you may order the piano here illustrated without assuming any obligation to keep it unless it is more than satisfactory in every respect. Remember our catalogue is free and we want every reader of this paper to have it in their possession. Do not under any circumstances make a move in piano buying until you have at least received a copy of our handsome free piano catalogue.

THE SPIEGEL, MAY, STERN COMPANY, which is the house making this free trial offer is the greatest institution of its kind in the world, and stands ready at any moment to guarantee the truth of every assertion it makes. We are the originators of the National Open Account Credit Plan and the house that has furnished homes in every section of this great country. Our combined capital is $7,000,000 and we sell to the American people in every community on the very plan now proposed to you. We refer you to any bank or business house in the city of Chicago or in any of the 25 cities where our retail stores are located.

Send for our free catalogue of furniture, carpets and household goods. Send for our free catalogue of stoves and ranges. Send for our free catalogue of Columbia Graphophones and talking machines.

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Spiegel, May, Stern Co

End of Ad.

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