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The next time you are sitting in church, listen closely to the piano…

The following article was originally published in The Montgomery Advertiser on September 9, 2006, authored by Karen S. Doerr and titled “Real People@Work: Joseph Reynolds Thomas”.

Real People@Work:

Joseph Reynolds Thomas

The next time you are sitting in church, listen closely to the piano.

If it has been tuned recently, there’s a good chance it was tuned by Joseph Reynolds Thomas.

At 65, Thomas says he has slowed down a bit, but he still tunes pianos for Huntingdon College, Troy University, First Baptist Church and Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church, just to name a few.

Thomas began learning the craft immediately after high school at Alabama School for the Blind. He was born with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a degenerative disease of the retina that causes progressive vision loss.

Today, Thomas and son Joey run the business, Thomas Piano Service.

Joey repairs and refinishes pianos. “When he (Joey) was little he used to work with me in the shop. I would pay him to tighten screws,” Thomas said.

Joey currently is restoring a piano from 1837, one of the oldest pianos they have seen. He also refinished the piano that now sits in his father’s living room. “There is a lot of satisfaction in bringing an old piano back to life for people to enjoy,” Thomas said.

Thomas spends his free time playing bass guitar in his backyard band. They play old country favorites and some rock ‘n roll. They like to play Merle Haggard and Elvis Presley songs.

As for retiring, Thomas said he will continue to tune pianos until he is no longer able.

“I enjoy it so much, people will have to quit calling and I’ll quit tuning.”

Article Credit: The Montgomery Advertiser

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