Thomas Piano Service offers sales and services for Grand Pianos in the Montgomery, Alabama River Region, and Central and South Alabama.

Grand Piano in Montgomery, AL

What Makes A Piano “Grand”?

For starters, a Grand Piano has an elegant look that leaves quite an impression!

Even if you’ve never seen one up-close, you can still appreciate a Grand Piano simply by reading about them. Here’s what Steinway & Sons had to say about their “Model D”, also known as the “Concert Grand”:

“A Steinway grand piano takes nearly a year to create. Nothing is hurried. Even the carefully selected woods that make up the rims, top, soundboards, and actions cure for months in our yard, kilns, and conditioning rooms before they stabilize at a rigidly specified moisture content. The rim of the instruments consists of layers of hard rock maple and with our bell-quality, full cast-iron plate, withstands the enormous amount of tension exerted by the strings. The finest acoustic-quality spruce is fashioned into the delicate curve of the Diaphragmatic® soundboard, which tapers gently from the center to the edge, assuring the full, rich Steinway sound.” ¹

It sounds almost good enough to eat!

Types of Grand Pianos

The piano comes in different styles, shapes and sizes.

There are two basic categories of pianos:

  1. Vertical Pianos
  2. Horizontal Pianos

Vertical Pianos are named as such because of their height and the orientation of their strings (up and down). They are more commonly referred to as “upright pianos”.

Horizontal Pianos are named so because of their length and placement of their strings (parallel with the ground).

Grand Pianos belong to the latter, or horizontal, category of pianos.

There are many sizes of Grand Pianos ranging from less than 5’ in length to over 9’ in length. Some of the different types of Grand Pianos (named for their size, function or venue) include:

  • Petite Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Medium Grand
  • Parlor Grand
  • Ballroom Grand
  • Concert Grand

Difference Between Grands and Uprights

The fundamental differences between uprights and grand pianos are summarized as follows:

  • In grand pianos, the strings lie horizontally and the hammers strike the strings from below.
  • Grand pianos have longer keys, which provide greater leverage, better touch and more precise control.
  • Because grand pianos are generally larger, with longer strings and bigger soundboards, the sound volume is bigger than most uprights.
  • A grand piano occupies more space.
  • Grands are more difficult to move and require 3 or more Piano Movers to relocate.
  • Grand pianos are typically more expensive than uprights.

Grand Pianos For Sale

Thomas Piano Service has a selection of Used Grand Pianos for Sale at our Piano Store and Showroom located on the Troy Hwy near Montgomery.

We hand select our pre-owned Grands and restore them in our Piano Workshop Studio.

We also offer all of our Piano Maintenance Services, like Piano Tuning and repairing, for Grand Pianos you already own.

Moving A Grand Piano

Thomas Piano Service is a Professional Piano Moving Service.

We even Move Grand Pianos, no matter what the size and at nearly any location.

Because of the grand piano’s bulk, moving one requires a lot of planning and effort. Thomas Piano Service has the skill, experience and equipment to move your Grand Piano when other professional movers shy away.

We know how to traverse tight spaces, sharp turns, and even stairways.

“We ain’t afraid of no grands!”

Grand Piano Moving in Montgomery, AL
If it looks like this, moving it may cost you several grand. 🙂

Grand Piano Restoration

Question: What do you call a baby grand that is 50 years old with a cracked soundboard, rusty strings, and missing keys?
Answer: Firewood.

BUT… before you make plans to roast marshmallows, call Thomas Piano Service and get a 2nd opinion! We are Grand Piano Restoration Specialists!

Contact us and ask about our selection of pre-owned Grand Pianos for Sale, or schedule an appointment if you need us to come out and service or move your Grand Piano.


¹ Visit the Steinway & Sons official website and learn more.