Baldwin Baby Grand

Baldwin Baby Grand for Sale in Montgomery, AL

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Available at our Piano Store near Montgomery, Alabama.


Baldwin Baby Grand for Sale in Montgomery, Alabama.

Measures 5ft 7in in length. Refinished with new strings in our Piano Workshop. Great tone quality, built in 1930. Excellent condition.

Price includes delivery, setup and tuning.

Price: $ 11,500

Condition: Excellent

Brand: Baldwin

Piano Manufacturer: Baldwin Piano Company ¹

Technology: Acoustic (Traditional piano)

Date of Manufacture: 1930

Category: Grand / Horizontal

Piano Type: Baby Grand

Size (Length): 5ft 7in

Style: Louis XV Cabinet

Click on image to see more detail.

Finish: Refinished in our workshop

Piano Bench: Included with price

Delivery: Included with price

Tuning: Included with price


¹ Visit the official website for Baldwin Piano Company